The wonderful wizard of oz anime

When the sibelius Tin Man fights the professional Wicked network Witch's wolves, he does so barehanded, and unlimited knocks them unconscious instead of windows chopping them.
Giving Them the Strip : When the Tin Man takes the Nome King's chancellor captive, he escapes by slipping out of his official robe.
Contents show, gallery, plot, the series can be network split into four distinct parts, or story arcs, each freely adapted from four different Oz books written.Team Hand-Stack : Dorothy and her crack friends do one when they agree to tackle the Wicked Witch schools of the West together.Determinator : Dorothy is a force to be reckoned with in her own right.Osamu Saka as, the Nome King (eps 45-52 seizo Katou as, the Great and Powerful Oz (eps 6-7, 13 tadao Futami as, wizard of Oz (eps 13-14, 18 takuzou Kamiyama as, tin Woodman, tamio Ohki as, lord Kaliko ( 14 episodes eps 37-43, 45-46, 48-52 ).The show aired in Australia and the UK multiple times in the early 1990s in the full episodic format on vista the ABC and ITV channels respectively.The Wicked Witches of the East and West are anime sisters, as are windows Glinda and the Good Witch of the North (unlike in the original vista stories) The Wicked Witch of the East's Magic number Shoes are originally rather unsightly, in the series, but they turn into.Ev had a collection of hats, rather than heads.The full original exempted Japanese version is available for purchase at YesAsia.The series becomes progressively less faithful to the books, although vista the essential plots are based on Baum's original stories.Later in the same episode, there's a group of mice who sing a wordless version of "Three Blind Mice" as they scurry away.Such an incident never took place in the original books, but the discovery that Ozma has special powers is in keeping with Baum's late depiction of Ozma as a fairy. Mind-Control Eyes : When the Wizard's guards refuse to let Dorothy and her friends in to see him, the Witch of the North's protective kiss on Dorothy's forehead glows, and they get Mind-Control Eyes and become much more co-operative.

HeelFace Brainwashing : When Mombi and Jinjur prove to be unrepentant, Glinda casts spells on the wonderful wizard of oz anime them to turn them into "model citizens" (with vacant-eyed expressions then laughs and remarks that "Magic can work wonders when used properly".
Impact Silhouette : During the escape from the Nome King, Tik-Tok panics and runs straight through a door, leaving a Tik-Tok-shaped hole.
Comparison with the original stories Dorothy has a sequence of dreams in Kansas that serve as premonitions about her forthcoming adventures.