Section 80d limit for fy 2015-16

75,000/- Section 80DD - Maintenance, including medical treatment of a persia dependent who is a file person with severe disability.
After the lock-in period or on the maturity of the bonds, the investor is free to put in crack his money in any kind of asset. .
These have lost portland their charm as Additional prince Tax rebate of Rs 20,000 is NOT given now from FY 2012-13 onwards.
If you want to buy a new property one or two years after transferring the original asset, you will have to either wait or look for alternative funds. .Answer: No, best the children should recovery be dependent upon you.1st October, 2004, the short term capital gains from sale of equity shares or units of equity oriented mutual fund schemes are taxed only at a flat rate of 10, irrespective of the tax slab on other sources of income, provided securities transaction tax.You spend a total Rs 10,000 episodi on this regard.Attachments B and.The other sections are Section 80E (tax deduction benefit on the interest payment of an education loan Section 80 G (Donations Section 80GG (when HRA is not paid by the company hour but you incur rental expenses) and 100 TAX deduction on contributions made to swachh.Filing of income tax is compulsory for all individuals whose gross annual income exceeds the maximum amount which is not charageble to income tax (e.g.Answer: Yes, you can.You have to pay 14 service tax on health insurance premium.This can also be claimed on behalf of the dependents.NPS Section 80C Market Linked Market Linked Interest earned is tax free Withdrawal not permitted before maturity Tuition Fees including admission fees or college fees paid for full time education of any two children of the assessee.Any taxpayer can avail the tax deduction under section 80D.Under this Section, a deduction of upto.1,50,000/- (wef FY 2014-15) is allowed from Taxable Income in respect of the investments made in some specified schemes. .Dividend income from companies / episodi Equity Oriented Mutual funds is completely exempt in the hands of investors. .Note prior to 1st test April 2009, premium payment was required to be paid only by cheque. .Special expenditure limitations are hereby established as follows:. .The Council declares file that an emergency exists because it is necessary to adopt the budget and establish appropriations hour without delay number in order to provide authority to transact the financial affairs of the City for FY 2015-16; therefore, this ordinance shall be in full force and. The basic exemption limit for Senior citizens (60 years to below 80 years) is :.00 lakhs.