Grammar activities 2 upper intermediate pdf

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The contextualised worksheets provide a story, situation or game which gives the learners the opportunity to practise using the structure in an appropriate context.
Gerunds and infinitives - snakes and ladders.A 5-level series with chicago clear explanations and communicative activities to help young learners and teenagers understand and practise grammar.#[email protected]_your_english #grammar @create_your_english, moore Martin.The file will be sent to your game Kindle kimu account.It provides presentation and consolidation, using a variery of contexts and approaches, of grammatical areas which cause learners problems at chicago this level.By using our site, game you agree to our collection ipad of information through the use of cookies.As students activate ipad their grammar through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, they activate their English.It night is intended as a coursebook supplement.It may upper takes up to 1-5 minutes before you received.They provide activities that help the learners arrive at a fuller understanding of the meanings, formation and rules of the use of the structure.The file will be sent to selected email address.The problem-solving worksheets take hunter a cognitive approach.Unit 5 Ritual, pages 44 - 46 (1) Two short listening passages, one with gaps, game one with multiple epub choice selection to introudce target language.Upper Int - advanced.Does not test stop / try / remember/ regret).B1-B2, twenty speaking cues using verbs that can be followed by both gerund and infinitive with a change in meaning: stop, regret, try, remember etc. (2) Grammar notes etc on verbs that change meaning when followed by gerund or infintive: remember / forget; stop; try; like; love; hate (3) Gapped text for consolidation.
Speaking cues for gerunds and infinitives.
Gerunds and infinitives quiz hunter 2 45-question MC quiz on verbs followed by gerund, full infinitive or bare infinitive.