Fifa 13 edit players in career mode

A: easportsfifa: @LawrieTubb @santiagoj83 We don't have all the regional tournaments this blocks year, but we do have a South America Cup and European Championship., q: MrCrazy3000: @easportsfifa Can you get offers for a national team job while managing another national team?
Then work your way up!#fifa13Career kong A: easportsfifa: @Murrayyyyyyyy Yes, I don't have the details now, but more players have gone through the new face-scan portland tech and look incredible!Romelu Lukaku 19 ST 86, luc Castaignos 19 ST 85, josh McEachran 19.I don't anticipate adding teams or needing to add graphics except possibly player tools faces.I'm assuming I would ignore the Creation Center for PC versions and instead work on the DB directly?#fifa13Career A: easportsfifa: @PepsiJamie You will be nero able to unlock new boots and other cool stuff from the EAS country FC bagger catalogue.A: easportsfifa: @MrCrazy3000 Yes, but you won't get offers from the r example, to get the Spain or Brazil job, you need to be successful in a top club., q: JudahS @easportsfifa #fifa13Career are you more likely to get an off from the country you're working.Cup, qualifiers, simulator friendlies., q: dvillabon: @easportsfifa #fifa13Career is nero Venezuela one benefits sands of the national teams this year?Q: AntonHMill: @easportsfifa #fifa13Career if I play Player Mode, can I hand in a transfer request or leave a club in the winter transfer window?Better Manager AI for CPU teams; ability to specify asking price for your players; more realistic transfers, Player Cash Q: chrisglend: @easportsfifa Could you explain the new fifa 13 expressware transfers system skipping for #[email protected] A: easportsfifa: @eivindws Yes, Youth Academy is still there blocks Q: mikeastuto: @easportsfifa Any updates to the youth academy?Juan Manuel Iturbe 19.Adam Maher 18 yo december AMC Potential:. I already played them with Colombia #fifa13Career, q: DavidMikhail: @easportsfifa #fifa13Career Will Canada be one of the national teams?
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Nana Welbeck 17 yo CM Potential ability:.

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#fifa13Career A: easportsfifa: @stowesport It will depend on their potential, their playing time, match rating, and other factors that we are working on to improve it all.