Electric man 2 games

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In each match, your personality is tape going to have shippuden a health bar of course, in shippuden the event that you animepremium use up all your health then you definitely lose.
Your goal is to keep your title and stand be the best of the stickmen universe.Commenting Rules Guidelines, oh no!You everlast can use the keys A, S, and D to punch, kick, and grab.Home, our Games, partners, girl Games, free Games, contact Us, shippuden cookie Setting.Ml, if you need further help, please benefits reach.Let the games begin!It has simple graphics, the main character is just a sick figure, and a limited color pallet, but it makes up for its dblue lack of flare with its easy to learn controls and fun game prison play.Features, changeable stickman's color, tournament system, a cool battle style.You will shippuden need a combination of martial arts, street fighting, and superhuman powers to wipe out works your opponents.Use the down arrow key to dodge or cartwheel episode out of a bad situation.Welcome to the Electric Man 2: stop HS, tournament of Voltagen, in which combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stickman universe.If you need help enabling Flash, please prison visit Adobe's site for instructions.This game requires Flash, please enable Flash to play this game.Use S to kick.If you need further help, please reach. Your battery points will need time to recharge so use them wisely.
Use W to activate slow kick.

Kick, slow grab, grab.
Could you electric man 2 games finish each degree and generate the ultimate stick-man fighter?