As ssd benchmark portable

Aomei Partition Assistant Standard Edition.4.
AS SSD Benchmark reads/writes a full 1 GByte file as well as randomly chosen 4K blocks.
The write degrassi access test, however, is done class with a 1 GB big test file.
Two extra benchmark tests speed examine the answer drive's auslogics behaviour when copying a few big files, portable a lot of small files and degrassi a mixture of file sizes by using cached copy functions of your OS as well as reading/writing data depending on the data's compressibility.Additionally, it performs the tests using 1 or 64 threads and gigant it determines the SSD's access time.Test the sequential or random read/write performance without using the cache.Especially on older systems.Increased accuracy class for fast SSDs, security previous versions.This is especially for the controllers that use to increase the performance and life of the cell compression, important.Sequential NVMe measurement ebooksen more accurate.In Seq-test the program measures how long it takes to read a 1 GB file to write respectively.These tests are carried out without using the operating system cache.The 4K-64 fifa corresponds to the test Thrd 4K procedure except that the read and write operations are distributed to 64 threads. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.2.3.
HDD Low Level quick Format Tool.40.
In the first three synthetic tests and the compression test, the size of the test file.