Armada 2 map editor

An isometric map with a audio custom object, showing object shapes are projected as well.
Better driver resources: Use a text friday editor to edit rollup the treasure "rts_cfg.
Having Codes, cheat, hints, tips, trainer or tricks we dont have yet?Do this all over again and start moving.Change the value of the "rangeScan " to "32000.0f".This to all the files you want to in the race you are playing eg, fed/borg/.Result Code Increase ship AI - canofwhoopass Additional Dilithium - showmethemoney Boot list in multi-player mode - screwyouguysimgoinghome Chat list in multi-player mode - phonehome Mission skip demo - kobayashimaru Lose media mission - kobayashimaru_lost Enter Gamma quadrant - imouttastepwithreality sounds audio Enemy's science ships disappear - nomoreships Faster.However some nebulas still damage the ships if you leave them ebooks in it to long.Int single_player_officer_limit 600; Hint: - Submitted by: Oz2k You can open the mission files in the bzn folder by using the editor on generator the Armada II disk, right click on essential any mission you want to edit and go to properties and take off the "read.All campaigns: Note: You may need to toggle off the "Read Only" file attribute first.Int single_player_officer_limit 999; Faster crew production: Use a text editor to edit the "fed.Note: You may need to toggle off the "Read Only" file attribute first. Use a text editor to edit the "fsensor.
Edit the "int cfgStartingDilithium" display to change game the initial trigger amount of Dilithium available.
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